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Body Fluid Removal and Disposal at a Trauma Scene in Ireland

dublin suicide body fluid removalThe process of removing body fluids at a trauma scene is more difficult than you can imagine. This kind of job is not for anyone with a weak stomach. First of all, blood stains and body fluids on floors and walls are unpleasant to look at, not to mention the foul odor from a dead body that can contain many airborne bacteria and pathogens! But worst of all, biological hazards and airborne bacteria are likely to be present in these areas and therefore, viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV can easily be transferred to humans. Body fluid removal in Ireland and trauma or crime scene cleaning should only be attempted by trained operatives!


what are the main problems undertaking a body fluid removal in Ireland?

If a suicide or murder was committed inside your house or property, performing a crime/trauma scene cleanup or body fluid removal in Ireland without the proper training, tools or protective equipment is very dangerous. Besides the difficulties you will encounter in removing blood stains, disposing of contaminated objects requires a special permit which are only issued to certified trauma cleaning personnel. The same thing goes when it comes to accidental deaths and undiscovered deaths. Different scenarios require different body fluid cleaning techniques.


Our body fluid removal clean up service in Ireland includes:

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    logoBody fluid removal
    body fluid cleaningUndiscovered deaths
    blood cleanupNationwide service within Ireland
    crime trauma scene cleaningGross filth removal
    undiscovered deaths phoenix logoVerminous house clearing
    extreme deep cleaning phoenix logoExtreme house clearances
    verminous house clearances phoenix logoBrain matter cleanup
    verminous house clearances phoenix logoHoarder clearances
    drug dens Suicide cleaning



how soon should the body fluid removal be done?

For deaths that are not immediately attended, there is a chance that the body has started to decompose. During hot conditions, body decomposition can start in around 12 hours after death. It may take about 2-3 days if the dead body is in a cold and enclosed area. Nevertheless, you can expect a very grim discovery for the people or person who has discovered the body. The first signs will be a very unpleasant odor. This is because biohazard components are more likely to be present, and the foul smell of the decomposing body can be more sickening to the stomach. Body fluid removal and disposal are crucial and needs to be done asap, body fluids can penetrate the floor boards of the property and make the cleaning much more difficult and costly, you need to act fast!


Below: pictures of a past body fluid removal and clean up job in Dublin Ireland

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why can't the emergency services undertake a body fluid removal in Ireland?

There is also a widespread misconception that members of the emergency services who arrived at the crime scene will do the removal and cleaning of the body fluids after they performed their own designated tasks. The truth is that the owner of the affected property is the one responsible for the entire cleaning process. But instead of doing the body fluid removal task yourself, getting the services of a team of professional trauma cleaning experts in Ireland is highly recommended. Just make sure you are hiring a reputable biohazard body fluid removal and cleaning service company in Ireland.


Reasons to use Phoenix Extreme Cleaning Services in Ireland

Northern Ireland extreme body fluid jobHere at Phoenix Extreme Cleaning Services in Ireland, we understand your needs. We have invested time and money to improve the quality of our extreme cleaning services. Myself and our personnel underwent rigid training courtesy of the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners (NACSC), a highly respected training organization and source of cleaning training materials, advice and equipment here in UK. We are also a proud of the many testimonials clients have left us which you can read on our testimonials page! Our work is being monitored closely and checked on a regular basis by the NACSC. We have served many different kinds of clients since we started back in 1998.


how we deal with grieving families?

We believe that the restoration of a trauma scene is more than just cleaning the area and removing biohazards and body fluids. We understand the feelings and heartache of losing someone close to you and we do not take advantage of the situation. Our staff are trained to talk nicely to grieving families and to make sure that they clearly understand what we will be doing and the costs involved. But more than anything else, our service fees are affordable compared to many other body fluid removal and extreme cleaning companies in Ireland.

Our area of coverage for trauma and body fluid removal includes:
Oldcastle, Mullagh, Drogheda, Dunleer, Tallaght, Terenure, Walkinstow, Meath, Skerries, Stillorgan, Swords.


free advice when dealing with your body fluid removal in Ireland!

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