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Pest Control - Fumigation Service in N. Ireland

Belfast mouse infestation problems IrelandSo, you've finally had your house cleared and cleaned in Northern Ireland but now you need a pest control service, you need to have the whole property fumigated, who on earth are you going to use? You could spend weeks looking for an experienced pest control or fumigation expert or you could simply use us! We are qualified pest controllers and have been trained by Killgerm. If you just used us to clear your property we are already in your home and could undertake any pest control tasks immediately! This would free you up to do other more important things, our services don't just stop at house clearances and Extreme deep cleaning in Northern Ireland. Did you know we also undertake extreme hoarding clearance and cleaning situations in Dublin.


why we offer a 4 in 1 pest control and fumigation service in Northern Ireland?

Phoenix Extreme Cleaning is the only company in Northern Ireland and possibly the whole of Ireland to offer a unique four in one service, no other company will clear your property clean it, then fumigate it and lastly decorate your property, we do everything if required or we can follow your requirements and simply clear or clean your property, we also have a very quick turn around time because we offer a 24 hour service in order to get the job done if you need this. We offer a 4 in 1 service because we know you will need these services either immediately or in the near future.  In a nutshell Phoenix go the extra mile!


Our fumigation and pest control services in Northern Ireland includes:


    do itBed Bug Control
    logoRodent Control
    body fluid cleaningFumigation services
    blood cleanupNationwide service within Ireland
    crime trauma scene cleaningFlea Treatment
    undiscovered deaths phoenix logoCockroach Control
    extreme deep cleaning phoenix logo
    Moth Control
    verminous house clearances phoenix logoAnt Treatment
    verminous house clearances phoenix logoSpider Control
    drug dens Fly Control


Why you should consider using us?

Myself and all the staff at Phoenix hold full insurance and are fully qualified and vetted to the industry standard! All staff and myself have been fully trained by Killgerm and also the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners, this qualifies us to both use and purchase the appropriate chemicals for use in pest control and any fumigation service we undertake within Northern Ireland, these chemicals are not available to the general public because of the risk to the environment and public health, we are fully trained in the use of these chemicals.



Below: Pictures of past pest control - fumigation and decoration jobs in Northern Ireland

extreme hoarding dublin irelandPest control fumigation services Northern IrelandLondonderry gross filth hoarding clearance Northern Ireland

Why air bourne diseases damage your property?

A verminous house in Northern Ireland if left unchecked can cause untold misery for the property owner and also the local residents! Such properties need much more than a simple clearance. Pest control and especially fumigation will almost certainly be necessary. You may think the property is OK because its now cleared, however the past verminous house has now left many potentially fatal diseases some of which are outlined below:



Many of these diseases are air bourne some of these diseases cause fatalities, while others may make you very ill. As an example Histoplasmosis is a fungus type disease caused by pigeons and is air bourne, this disease is caught through spores which you cannot see!


Salmonella isn't just a chicken disease, it is carried by mice and other rodents and can cause many unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea, fever, vomiting and in extreme cases can kill the victim!

Weil’s disease

Weil's disease is an especially nasty disease, it is a bacterial infection that is carried in the urine, rats are known to carry this disease and could infect a whole house! If you catch weil's disease you have a 15% chance of death.


what problems could you face if you are a landlord in northern ireland?

Remember if you are a landlord or rent properties out in Northern Ireland it is your responsibility to ensure your property is safe! The last thing you need is your next tenant becoming ill due to you not knowing about these diseases. A verminous house clearance in Northern Ireland requires much more than just a clearance, PEST CONTROL AND FUMIGATION are essential especially with many people today making compensation claims continuously, this is the last thing you need as a landlord.


What other health problems, diseases, risks and hazards are in a verminous property?

House clearance of gross filth drug den Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland has many area's of anti social behavior and with that comes vandalized properties, empty properties, squat and drug dens and of course verminous properties. Out of all these types of clearances the verminous house clearance is one of the most difficult because of the need for a pest control - fumigation service. In Belfast Northern Ireland we have undertaken hundreds of house clearances requiring the need of a professional fumigation and pest control service. As we have been in this industry here in Northern Ireland since 1998 we have gathered a good understanding of what is needed!


Our areas of coverage

We basically cover the whole of Ireland with three offices in Ireland and can accommodate your pest control and fumigation needs in Ireland, Ballymote, Drumcondra, Dublin City, Larne, Enniscrone, Tubbercurry, Ballymena,Coleraine, Larne, Coleraine.


How Many Pests And Viruses Are in Your Home?

As mentioned above there are many diseases present at a verminous property, therefore pest control is a must! Most fumigation - pest control jobs we undertake in Northern Ireland will almost certainly have traces of some or all of the diseases listed here. And remember each one can be fatal!

These diseses can be fatal!

    do itSalmonella
    body fluid cleaningE.Coli
    blood cleanupFoot and mouth disease
    crime trauma scene cleaningCryptosporidiosis
    undiscovered deaths phoenix logoPsittacosis
    extreme deep cleaning phoenix logo
    verminous house clearances phoenix logoH.I.V



Fumigation Solutions


24 Hour Service

Phoenix offer a full range of fumigation and pest control treatments in Northern Ireland for any of your verminous, cluttered, vandalized properties, we can provide you with a 24 hour service if required to get your verminous property back to normal asap!


Free Home Survey

Free home survey We can do a free home survey and come and look at your property in order to give you an honest price, you can decide which services you would like. Remember we don't just provide fumigation and pest control in Northern Ireland (NI) we offer a 4 in 1 service.


Do You Need A Decorator?

we also provide verminous house clearances, cleaning, fumigation, pest control, property decorating and renovation. We have a specialised team of decorators on hand for such jobs.


Eliminating other Pests

Fumigation is 99% necessary when dealing with a verminous house clearance or other gross filth cleaning job in Northern Ireland. Fumigation is also effective in dealing with other pests such as ants, mites, beetles, weevils, cockroaches, fleas plus a hundred other pests and bugs.


Why Work with Us?

Fumigation is the last line of defence, typically because other, lesser treatments have failed, and the level of infestation is too great. After a verminous or gross filth house clearance has been completed you can rest assured that we will deal with the problem. 

Here is how the procedure will take place:

1) We will thoroughly examine your property and assess the problem discreetly, in accordance with your personal requirements, we can use plain vans if required for your privacy when viewing a property.

2) Once inspected, we will advise of the best course of action. Your property will undergo rigorous fumigation once the verminous property has been cleared and cleaned.

3) We use insecticides and chemicals provided by the best companies, Killgerm & Chemspec are just a couple of the companies we buy our chemicals from, in order to protect your home to the maximum and eliminate all pests and potential viruses still present in your home.

4) Once the fumigation is complete we would always advise you to leave the property empty for 48 hours to let the chemicals do there job (please ensure windows are shut) You will be advised to hoover the infested premises thoroughly and then leave the property for two hours upon your return. Once you return to the property please open all windows and don't clean the house for 4 days.

5) Now comes the good part, DECORATION! If required we can decorate your property from top to bottom or you're free to do this yourself.


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